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It’s all about colour…

..I’m not sure if I love my quilt, I love it one minute, the next I don’t then I do again. 

all finished apart from the hand stitching

OK, I thought it was about time I did a full post on my Medallion quilt, y’know, give you a bit of background information and all the nitty gritty.

I’ve wanted to make a quilt for years, and previous to this summer the closest I got was what I only knew as back then as patchwork, but now I know it was English Paper Piecing – imagine, Laura Ashley fabric cica 1990 hand stitched hexys in a beautiful cornflower blue and white. 

When Rachel of Stitched in Color announced her Handstitched course earlier this year, it was the perfect opportunity for me to brush up on my hand stitching skills and finally do a quilt with someone ‘holding my hand’ so to speak. The Handstitched course was fantastic, a different hand stitching skill each week with individual projects and the one big project, The Medallion Quilt which grew bit by bit each week, yay! Rachel had given us a fabric requirement list for the quilt, and I spent hours making my fabric choices. My starting point came from a FQ bundle I’d bought from M is for Make (all the patterns on the right, which isn’t in stock anymore) and built up from there. It’s worth pointing out right now that I’m not usually a multi colour person, I prefer either a complementary or monochromatic colour scheme so these fabric choices all together are such a departure for me.

so pretty

And so it started. Week 1 was reverse appliqué. Spending more time choosing my fabric, loving the summery feel but thinking the blue is a bit too bright.

pleased with my neat stitching

looking Summery

Week 2, embroidery. This one was going to be a long hard slog time wise, lots and lots of hand stitching. I was already at odds with myself, “too many colours” to incorporate into the embroidery. I decided on a symmetrical colour pattern, “phew, order has been resumed”, happy again.

deciding the colour pattern

I’d sit and do the triangles whilst watching TV in the early evening before William went to bed. He thought my ‘sewing’ was wonderful and wanted to do some of his own.

joining in

Week 3 English Paper Piecing. This section of the quilt was supposed to be EPP corner Storm at Sea blocks and panels of square patchwork, but I couldn’t do it there was just too much going on, “too many colours and pattern”, I really wasn’t feeling the love.

original storm at sea block on the left

My amended version, “calm has been restored”.

feeling calm again again

By week 4 was the appliqué lesson. I felt I needed to include more colour, my quilt was in danger of turning out looking bland. I decided to use the stronger colours and prints. I love the result of this round!

the contrast between the dark grey and white is perfect 

Week 5 was finishing and getting ready to hand quilt. Another round of solid, then logs of patterned fabric, “not sure about all the patterns together”. It’s completed and now ready for the hand quilting to begin.

Ta Da!! apologies for the dark picture it was about to rain.

I think I’ve ended up with a quilt top that looks like two separate quilts, the middle doesn’t belong to the rest of it. What I plan to do is use strong colours for the hand quilting and hope that it brings the two sections together. Oh, and I still need to finish the embroidery!!

I’ve enjoyed the whole process and Rachel’s instructions and design have been fantastic, I’ll definitely be taking part in another one of her classes, (in fact I’m waiting for her to release another round of the Curves Class she ran earlier this year). 

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from the whole experience, limit the patterns and colour palette.

Sarah x

3 Responses to It’s all about colour…

  1. Liz DandeliondD October 20, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    Hello Sarah from your newest blog follower.
    I am seriously impressed with your hand stitched quilt. I think it is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Nat at Made in Home October 20, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    Could you use the embroidery thread to make it more one whole quilt?

  3. seaschell October 22, 2012 at 4:14 am #

    LOVE IT!! Your handquilting and the finished embroidery will definitely tie the parts together, don’t worry! I love this fabric line, too!

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