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Archive | January, 2013

Inaugural Starching

January’s buzz-word has got to be Starch. Now, maybe its because I’m reading through the information and tutorials for the BOM’s I’ve signed up to this year, but starching is everywhere. I’ve never used starch for sewing or general ironing, and I’ll admit the thought of it had got me quite nervous.  “Best Press or other […]

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Sensing a theme…

After my very large fabric buying session a few weeks ago, my final order arrived on Friday. And because it all looks so lovely together, and before I start cutting into it, a photo session was in order. This little lot is earmarked for the Craftsy 2012 BOM, (I planning on using stash for the […]

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From the scrap box…

It’s so nice to work from the scrap box, especially when it’s for learning purposes. I don’t feel as though I’m wasting the good fabric on something that isn’t intended to be seen – I’m not sure if that makes sense now I’ve written it down, it did in my head… My latest project from […]

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Tales from the clamshell cushion

For a relatively quick and easy project, my Clamshell cushion taught me a couple of small lessons today. ta da! First, there was the stupid mistake. Because I have used fusible webbing on the clamshells, rather than pinning the clamshells to the backing fabric you iron them on row by row so they ‘stay put’ whilst sewing […]

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checking in

….Yes it’s finally here, the snow has arrived!! brrrr…. I’ve had a sewing free weekend add that to the end of last week somehow being almost sewing free too, I’ve not got a lot to share.  I did get all my clamshells fused and cut out for Curves class though. clamshells Off to finish my Clamshell cushion now, […]

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….its soooo cold outside, just look at the frost. scallop bunting for Curves Class Curves Class started yesterday with Scallop Bunting, an easy project to get us started sewing basic curves. I sew such wonky curves that I tend to avoid them, so by taking this class I’m hoping for lots of practice (you know the […]

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