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Archive | November, 2013

Something doesn’t feel right!

I’ve been without a working sewing machine for 15 days, and I’m feeling the loss.  It just stopped! My Christmas decoration makes have been put on hold and mum’s surprise advent calendar isn’t going to be a surprise because I’ll be finishing it off at her house on Sunday. But I’ll be bringing her old […]

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Brought to an abrupt halt!

Yes, my sewing machine decided to stop working on Friday afternoon. There I was cracking on with Mum’s advent bunting, and it just stopped mid seam. Initially I thought we’d had a power cut, but alas No. frozen in time Thankfully my lovely machine (and yes I really do love it, although it has no […]

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Christmas on my mind.

Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to spend the whole day flitting from one thing to another, because of all the ideas buzzing around my head. All the planning for Mum’s advent calendar is done. You know the sort of thing… Which colour solid to use? How big are the pockets going […]

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A Frenzied Weekend Sewing Report

I’ll start by backtracking a few days. This year I’m making some advent bunting for my Mum, nothing extraordinary but it will be handmade and filled with messages and pictures from her three grandchildren (by the way, wish me luck in convincing my 13 year old nephew to write Nanna some notes and draw her […]

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Bad ‘Selfie’ Alert!

Unfortunately there is just no way of getting away with it, if you make a scarf and want to blog about it you just have to have a picture of yourself wearing it!  My main problem came when the photo had to be a selfie (on a gloomy day) because there was no one else […]

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A ‘lickety spilt’ catch up

Blinking heck! A lot of time has passed since my last blog post. I would like to Thank everyone for their best wishes. Thankfully I’m almost back to normal. I can move without pain, I can drive again (yippee), I’m back to doing the school run without doing the affectionally named ‘old lady shuffle’ and […]

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