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Introducing ‘Breaking the Rules’

Last  year William decided he wanted to make a new quilt for his bed, I wrote about our frenzied start in this post. Since then I admit not a lot of progress has been made, I did finish the block he started but got no further. Our plan was to finish it during the school holidays, but he then had a change of mind.
Yes, he still wanted a new quilt, BUT he would design it and I would make it, “Is that a deal mum?” he said holding out his had ready to shake on it.
Out came the paper and pencil and he was off.

quilt design -
Will’s quilt design
Will’s block design

He came up with a basic quilt design, complete with specific colour choices (blue, silver and purple) and a “W’ in each corner. A block design if we decide we need an extra block with example colours, just so I understood that each section was a different colour!

I think the star centre was inspired by Alison Glass’s new Tessellation pattern that I’d bought, so that was going to be my starting point.
The day before Festival of Quilts he spent going through my fabric choosing what he wanted and then armed with the iPad asked for website addresses of fabric shops so he could make me a list to buy the next day! The boy has good taste, my shopping list mainly comprised of Michael Miller’s Mirror Dots which I got from Pin It and Stitch and Cotton + Steel Basics.
Last Saturday was our Leeds Modern Quilt Guild meeting, armed with my pattern for the centre star (because going improv whilst chatting wouldn’t be one of my best ideas!) I spent some time on Friday gathering everything together. I needed more fabric, so a cry for help went out over Instagram asking the very talented lovely Karen for some of her gorgeous screen printed panels, and they are perfect.

Photo from Karen’s Instagram feed

The photo above I’ve borrowed from Karen’s Instagram feed
Saturday’s meeting produced the first four blocks (lots of chatting equates to not a lot of sewing!), and yesterday I quickly finished the last two of the centre.

Breaking the Rules -
the beginnings of Breaking the Rules

I’m really looking forward to seeing this quilt evolve, I’m hoping it will be a success and not turn out to be a miss mash. Only time will tell.

Sarah x

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  1. pennydog September 10, 2014 at 5:27 pm #

    Cherish these enthusiastic moments….

  2. heart of charnwood September 10, 2014 at 8:31 pm #

    This looks fantastic, great work, can’t wait to see where it goes… :o)

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