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Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial

A departure from my recent blog posts, today I have a Paving Stone Block tutorial specifically for my do. Good stitches Together Circle Bee mates, and anyone else who would like to make this simple block.

October is my month to choose which quilt we make and donate to charity, each bee member will be making one or two of these blocks then send them to me to assemble and quilt.


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo1

Paving Stone Block


I have to admit that the inspiration for this quilt came directly from Sandra, who I made one of these blocks for when it was recently her turn in our Bee Europa bee. I’m asking my fellow Together circle bee mates to make these blocks with solid white and either blue or grey, the finished quilt will be intended for a boy so it needs to look quite masculine.

The block is made from Half Square Triangles (HST), finishing at a quite large 14.5″, using a standard 1/4″ seam allowance throughout, and I’ve no preference as to which way you press your seams, open or to one side the choice is yours.

You will need:

8 x 5″ white squares

8 x 5″ coloured squares

(5″ is generous amount because the HST will be trimmed to 4″)


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo 2

5″ squares – 8 white & 8 coloured


Make your HST triangles using one white and one coloured square. With right sides together, draw a diagonal line across one of the squares and then sew 1/4″ either side of the marked line. Repeat for all 8 squares.


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo 3

Mark your diagonal line


Using your rotary cutter, cut along the marked diagonal line, and press open. You will end up with 16 HST.


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo 4

Cut along the marked line


Trim each HST to 4″. The original 5″ squares give you a generous amount of excess to trim away, but of course you can start with smaller squares to begin with if you prefer.


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo 5

Trim to 4″ square


Arrange the HST to the following layout making sure that there is a coloured triangle on each corner. Piece together into rows then columns, again pressing the seams as you wish.


Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial Photo1

Paving Stone Block


I hope you enjoy making this block.

Sarah xx

2 Responses to Paving Stone Bee Block Tutorial

  1. Joanne Jones October 9, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

    Hi Sarah, love you block choice 🙂 Can I mix grey and blue prints together, or would you rather have one blue and one grey?

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