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Liberty Tana Lawn Desert Island Deliveries A Blue
Liberty Tana Lawn Desert Island Deliveries A Blue Tana Lawn Desert Island Deliveries A Blue

Liberty Tana Lawn Desert Island Deliveries A Blue


Desert Island Deliveries in blue is a fabulous fun print

If you’re marooned on an island all alone, Longing for the luxury of your gramophone, Or at the top of a hill wishing you had your skis Just give us a call at Desert Island Deliveries! Our feathery experts will bring things that are out of reach And deposit it neatly for you on the beach.
Desert Island Deliveries was designed by OK David as an imagining of how all those luxuries are delivered to the castaways on BBC4 Radio program ‘Desert Island Discs’. How else would you send a grand piano or a gramophone to a tiny forgotten isle in the middle of the ocean? All the items in the print are luxuries taken from the Desert Island Discs radio show, apart from the Aston Marten – that’s what OK David would send to his Dad if he was marooned.
“I like Desert Island Discs a lot (especially the theme tune), but have always wondered how all those luxuries get delivered to this desert island. There must be a specialist delivery service – Desert Island Deliveries is how I imagine it.” – Ok David.”

Castaway – Spring Summer 2017 Collection

“Inspired by the imaginings and solitary musings from a deserted tropical island, CASTAWAY captures the enchanting world of aquatic flora and fauna, vast ocean horizons and a menagerie of tropical delights in a charming collection of island prints.”

100% cotton, Tana Lawn is a luxurious, soft, fine, hardwearing fabric.

Soft to handle and a pleasure to work with.

Sold by the fat sixteenth 33cm x 25cm (approx. 13” x 9.75”) and fat eighth 33cm x 50cm (approx. 13” x 19.5”).
Multiple quantities of the same print will be cut as a continuous length, for more information please see fabric sizes.

To give you a sense of scale, all our main images are photographed in an 8” embroidery hoop.

Fat Sixteenth £1.38   Fat Eighth £2.75


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